I’m an engineer with a background in software engineering, applied cryptography, and in protocol engineering. I’ve worked in the areas of secure hardware, lattice cryptography and fully homomorphic encryption. I’ve had two tours of duty in the semiconductor industry, in the first instance, writing physics codes for the CAD and simulation of semiconductor devices and in the second, writing cryptologic codes at a large chipmaker. In addition, I’ve worked at two sizeable enterprise software and cloud computing firms in the infrastructure and platform space. My experience includes writing cryptographic libraries that leverage on chip and peripheral cryptologic hardware, and working with network HSMs, cloud PaaS, and embedded systems. In the area of layer 1 Consensus, I’ve worked on some of the cryptologic aspects of Byzantine Agreements with honest majority. In the area of standards, I’ve worked with govt. and industry groups (NIST, IEFT/IRTF, ISO/IEC) on standardizing new / existing cryptography for different applications, along with the specification of necessary countermeasures for applications vulnerable to logical and physical attacks on their secrets.